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Top 10 Mistakes Made When Making Travel Plans – Part 2

By sheena on May 12, 2015
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family in the airportLast week I shared the first 5 common mistakes made when booking travel.  You can view these here.  Here are the next five!

1) Entering the wrong credit card expiry date

It may not sound like a big deal, but if your credit card expiration date is incorrectly entered, the transaction will not go through and you run the risk of losing your booking. Those seats are then released and could quickly get snapped up by another traveller. Double check all information before clicking “purchase”.

2) Booking the wrong city

It might sound hard to believe, but some people have ended up in the wrong city. When booking a flight, don’t just check the city name; it’s important to also verify the name of the country. Otherwise you could end up in Sydney, Nova Scotia instead of Sydney, Australia OR Birmingham, UK instead of Birmingham, USA – or vice versa.

3) Not booking in time

Most travellers don’t realize that the longer you wait to purchase your flight, the more likely it is to go up in price. Airlines sell seats in blocks, with the cheapest seats released first. The closer you get to the departure date, the more the seats are going to cost.

4) Ignoring terms and conditions

Terms and conditions can be long, wordy and frankly, boring. The fine print can include very important details, including cancellation fees, baggage fees and no-show policies. The typical cost to change or cancel a flight in Canada is $250, while some can charge upwards of $600 for specific changes. Take the time to read through the terms and conditions, experts recommend.

5) Opting out of travel insurance

While it may seem like an added expense on top of an already pricey trip, travel insurance can save you thousands of dollars if you’re injured while out of the country OR if an emergency arises and you  have to cancel or return home unexpectedly.  Purchase a travel insurance package before you go, especially for international travel. It’s also important to check any existing insurance policies, though, as your employer may cover travel insurance.  If you think you are covered by your credit card read the fine print and details and even call in to get the details.  Finding out you aren’t covered when you need adds to a tough situation.

So, there you have it!  Be mindful when making your travel plans, mistakes can be costly!  OR, another option would be to work with a travel professional to take the booking process off your shoulders!  Contact me for help with your travel plans at sheena@jetsetfamilies.com or 519-541-9431.

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