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This phone call nearly stopped my heart – know your Travel Insurance Policy!

By sheena on December 22, 2015
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Portrait mother and daughter

Portrait mother and daughter

I recently had a phone call that nearly stopped my heart!  A dear client fell off a horse and broke his hip while in Costa Rica!  Can you imagine?  Thank GOODNESS he had insurance!  He was so well cared for that it brought tears of relief to my eyes!  He’s now in the comfort of his home recovering. Phew!
I know, I know – insurance is soooo boring!  I get it.  But it’s soooo important!
Please allow me a few moments to give you a heads up on what may NOT be included in your Travel Policies.  In the end, it’s up to you, the traveler, to know your policy.  You don’t want to find out in an emergency that you’re not covered!

Consider these:

1) Diagnostic tests or prescription changes – if you have a pre existing condition that you’re looking to cover, it needs to be stable for a period of time as specified in the policy, meaning no change in health or even a change of meds!

2) Travelling while pregnant – most travel health policies do not cover women more than 31 weeks pregnant. This means that ANY kind of health condition experienced after the specified period in the policy will not be covered.

3) Being intoxicated – an injury or illness that occurs with a high blood alcohol levels can lead to a claim being denied.

4) Business travel requires travel health insurance too, especially for entrepreneurs – employee benefit plans are subject to exclusions and limitations, be sure you know yours

5) Extreme sports – see what your policy covers – some consider hiking to be a form of mountaineering! A broken leg can cost up to $10,000/day!

6) Cuba – If you have a Canadian policy underwritten by an American company – you won’t be covered in Cuba and it’s mandatory to have health insurance when you travel here!  So, make a quick call and find out who the underwriter is or be sure the policy includes travel to Cuba.

In short:

  • Understand your policy – yes, it’s boring, but read your policy
  • Ask questions
  • Know your health
  • Know your trip and the type of situations you could face

Yes, insurance is an added cost to a vacation BUT it’s a relief when you need it.  So, as a gift to yourself this year, be sure that your travel policy fits your needs.

Warm holiday season wishes,

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