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This article made me sad…

By sheena on November 11, 2015
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Meeting Mickey Mouse

I just got back from a 2 week vacation at Disney World with my family. It was my hubby and girls (7 & 10), my parents, my brother, sister in law & niece (6). The 9 of us had an incredible time! It was booked almost a year prior to our departure and it seemed like it would never get here…and now we can’t believe it’s over!

We did all the typical things that you can imagine from a Disney vacation – flights, fun rides, character meetings, great meals, late nights, long days and sensory overload.

We got so much more than that though. Waaaaay more! This is what my article is about this week. The benefits of travel are numerous.

I just read an article that made me sad – the title was ‘Canadians more vacation-deprived than ever’.

Here’s a quote from the article, which was printed in The Canadian Travel Press in October, “In 2015 Canadians will receive an average of 17 vacation days from their employers – however, they’ll only take 15.5 of those days. As a result, Canadians will leave close to 10 million vacation days unused in 2015.”

It makes me want to cry!

Using vacation time is important – you NEED it! It’s not that hard to use up 17 days. I just used 11 on this ONE trip to Disney and it wasn’t the first OR the last trip of this year for us.

Taking time off is GOOD for you – check out these points…

Closer Family Connection – With being a Family Travel Specialist I had to make this the first benefit. When routine is interrupted and time is focussed on each other, something very special happens. Bonds are strengthened through conversation and mutual experiences. Sharing the memories of these vacations helps keep the bond strong…when a single word, phrase or expression can bring back a moment for only those involved, it’s special.

Better Physical Health – The New York Times reported that a vacation can help your physical health — the stress of working can take a serious toll on your heart. For both men and women, taking a vacation every two years compared to every six will lessen the risk of coronary heart disease or heart attacks, The Times reported. (Imagine the benefit going once or twice…or more a year!)
“It shows how the body reacts to a lifestyle of stress,” said Elaine Eaker, author of a study by the Framingham Heart Study, to The Times. “This is real evidence that vacations are important to your physical health.”

Better Mental Health – It feels SO good to be on vacation! Away from the stress of work or school demands and pressures. When feelings of calm surround our bodies and minds, we relax…and THAT is good for an over-stressed mind.

Lower Chance of Burnout – Taking regular breaks from work and school help keep us more productive, efficient and creative. Our minds and bodies can only take so much. By taking a vacation we can refuel and return with a mind that’s rested and stronger. Taking time to recharge and return more productive feels really good.

Expands Your Mind – “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions” ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. Having a mind that is exposed to new ideas and experiences is a healthy way to keep our mental maturity growing.

There are so many benefits to taking all of our vacation days. Remember that much more than just ‘a day off’ is being left behind. As 2016 creeps up (51 days to go!), look at the calendar and book those vacation days! Aaaallll of them!  You earned them AND they’re good for YOU!  So, for the benefit of you and those around you, it’s time to book your vacation days!

If you’re ready to get your winter vacation booked (or next years!), contact me and we can get started! 519-541-9431 or sheena@jetsetfamilies.com

With love,

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