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Why should I use you as a Travel Agent?

  • Allow me to answer with a question – Do you value the service and support of a professional? If you value service, you will value me as your Travel Agent. I offer a service that allows you to spend time doing other things that are not your expertise. You hire for legal guidance, housekeepers, lawn maintenance, personal coaching…why not an experienced professional to manage your travel plans? I am your family travel concierge – here to help your dreams come true.
  • I have direct industry connections and relationships with the suppliers you will be using and I work with them to help make your vacation flawless.
  • I have a team of agents to collaborate with on your travel plans. The world is full of endless options and opportunities, if I haven’t yet experienced it, one of them has and they will share valuable information to help your time be better spent.
  • I have the technology to research multiple options at once so the search is efficient and timely.

What makes Jet Set Families different from other agencies?

  • I take the time to get to know you and your family. The more I know the better outcome your travel experience will be. Are you looking for mainly beach time? Or an experience in history or adventure? What do you dream of? What did you love/hate about your last vacation? What is the biggest outcome you need from your family time? Why are you going away? You are not just another family to me. You are unique with your own dreams and that takes time to discover. By taking that time I can help your vacation go from ‘good’ to ‘simply incredible’.
  • I focus on families. I know the best places and options that will suit your needs. I learn from my suppliers about resorts, perks and excursions that are tailored for families.

Why do I have to complete the survey?

  • You are an important family to me and the more I know the better I can serve you. By submitting this questionnaire it gives me some details on who you are and what you are looking for. I can be prepared with some info for our initial consultation and immediately gather some options for you.
  • You will find that it also helps you to discover what you want. You might have a general idea that you ‘want to go away’ but by going through the questionnaire it can help you pinpoint what you are really looking for.

Is it too early to start planning?

  • No! It’s never too early! The earlier you start to plan the better your vacation can be! Each resort has a limited number of rooms, each tour has a limited number of seats, each opportunity has a widow in which to capture it. Allow the time to give you as many options as possible. The days of ‘last minute vacations’ are long behind us. They can be had, but I often hear of disappointments with taking the leftovers. You are not the kind of family that deserves that! Plan early, make payments on your trip, spend time talking about what you will do and learning about your destination. There is a huge world beyond the tree line at the beach – take time to plan and discover it!

Do you book air as well?

  • Yes, I can book your flights, but I do not work with any kind of air mile or credit card redemption program for travel.

Do you sell travel insurance?

  • Absolutely! I will offer you insurance for every vacation you book with me. Not only am I legally obligated to offer it, I believe that traveling with insurance is an absolute necessity. You might say you are going ‘no matter what’ but I can’t tell you how many times ‘no matter what’ has stopped people from traveling, and the loss of their travel investment is devastating. Being out of your province decreases or nullifies your health coverage…I will be sure that you are aware of options to keep your vacation worry free.

Are we protected if we buy travel services from you?

  • Yes you are. Jet Set Families is associated with Vision Travel, a TICO registered agency. You are protected by an industry financed Travel Compensation Fund, even if you personally are not located in Ontario. In a nutshell, when you book with me, you are covered for travel services that are not provided due to the bankruptcy or insolvency of an Ontario registrant or an end supplier airline or cruise line, where a reimbursement has not otherwise been provided. In short – if your supplier (airline, resort etc) goes bankrupt you will be refunded.

Is there a fee for your service?

  • Yes! As a serious travel professional I provide quality research, time and knowledge. I provide a complimentary planning session where we will get to know one another. From here, I use my industry connections and relationships as well as my knowledge in the industry to create the perfect worry free family vacation for you. I will be woven into the entire process, from planning, booking, before, during and after travel. Fees vary depending on the level of detailed planning required for your vacation. All planning fees are non-refundable.

How can I stop my children from growing up so fast?

  • Haha! I love this question! I ask myself the same thing about my girls. Time really DOES move quickly. I can’t stop them from growing up BUT I CAN help you create memories that you will visit and talk about for years to come. Some of my best memories growing up are of the travel with my parents, and we still travel together! Not only is the travel part fun, but the anticipation and the memories are as well. Don’t wait for the ‘perfect time’ or ‘best age’ – that time is now.

What if I haven’t found the answer to my question here?

  • Then I would love to hear from you! Please fill out my contact form or call me at 519-541-9431 so we can meet!
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